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Northern Ireland Fans Had A Great Time Despite Getting Stomped By Germany

Above, you can see a veritable sea of Northern Ireland fans in the Parc des Princes for their country’s game against Germany earlier today. Even though their team went down a goal early and were completely dominated, the fans in green nevertheless had a great time singing along with the “Will Grigg’s on Fire” song that has taken the tournament by storm.

Here’s another clip from the game, where the Northern Ireland fans taunt Germany’s defense about the terrifying skills of Will Grigg, a striker who has plied his trade in England’s third tier for the past couple years and has yet to make a single appearance in the Euros:

Even when the game was over, the fans had not had their fill. Hundreds of Irish fans stuck around to continue in the merriment:

As you can hear, the stadium DJ amped up the atmosphere by playing Gala’s “Freed from desire”—the song “Will Grigg’s on Fire” is adapted from—on the sound system:


With three points in the group stage, Northern Ireland have qualified for the knockout round as one of the third placed teams. Even if they don’t make it any farther than that, I think we’ll be hearing the name Will Grigg long into the summer.

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