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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

In a bizarre twist, Deadspin's Northwestern University Basketball Columnist Benoit Denizet-Lewis has become the go-to guy for Tiger Woods sex rehab details and this morning's SportsCenter prevailed upon him to break it down for their viewers. Today's lesson: celibacy contracts.

BDL, as he's known in some circles (not mine), wants to make it clear that he did not break the rehab story. He merely confirmed that Woods was at a specific facility in Mississippi. Since the reason he was able to confirm it was his own experience dealing with sex addiction (and contacts gleaned from his book about it) Benoit has a very unique perspective from which to comment on the story. So what's that like, inquiring minds want to know?


Earlier, he explained to Josh Elliott and the world that addicts in treatment spend a lot of time in therapy, both individual and group, often dealing with their emotions in front of loved ones and total strangers. There's "homework," apparently. And in the case of sex addicts, they're required to sign "celibacy contracts" which state that they won't mess around with anyone at the facility—including themselves. Shocking? Maybe a bit risqué for morning sports talk, but at least he stayed away from any inappropriate buzz words that might signal to the kids at home what we're really talking about.

The rest of us heard you loud and clear, pal.

Statement About Tiger Coverage [Benoit Denizet-Lewis]
[Video via ESPN]

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