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Not A Good Way To Be Added As A Friend

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John Brantley is a top-rated high school quarterback who had initially planned on attending Texas before deciding instead to stay closer to home in Florida, reportedly because his girlfriend goes there. Because nothing in the world is more pure, charming and altruistic than collegiate athletic recruiting, the Texas fans are handling the news with grace and aplomb.

Well ... perhaps not. They've found Brantley's MySpace page, and the kids at Rumors & Rants have compiled the angriest messages.

I wouldn't show up for the All American game in SA this year. It won't be a warm welcome for you. So, what are you going to do when you sit behind Tebow for 3 years and your girlfriend breaks up with you? Yeah, like the other guy said, don't say your word is "solid as oak" when your lying. Also, take all the Longhorn stuff off your board. You're not a horn. ... I just wanted to let you know that my younger brother, who attends UF and is a Sigma Chi, boned your girlfriend a couple of months ago.


We don't know why athletes would ever have a MySpace page, we really don't. That said ... if Eric Gordon has a MySpace page, it's probably best you not tell us about it.

Texas Fans Are Classy [Rumors And Rants]

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