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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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There's a clear caste system in college basketball, and it appears it is set up entirely by where you are seeded. Just take a look at Southern Illinois; as a No. 11 seed a few years ago, they were shacked up in a moldy, rundown hotel. Now, as a No. 4 seed?

In the NCAA tournament, where you stand determines where you sleep at night: to the best teams go the best hotels. About three months ago, NCAA officials visited the eight cities hosting the first two rounds of the tournament, toured hotels and, with input from local host committees, ranked the facilities based on quality and location. The NCAA then assigned the best-seeded teams to the most prestigious hotels. In general, elite teams ended up at downtown Marriotts; small-conference underdogs sometimes settled for small historic hotels or airport area chains.


We are certain that Billy Packer is behind this.

No Palace For These Cinderallas [Washington Post]

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