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Nothing Like Permanent Markings Of Architecture

During our travels around Busch Stadium last week, we are sad to say we didn't come across these two toolboxes, who have tattos of old Busch Stadium and new Busch Stadium, respectively, on each of their backs. (You can see a close-up version of the tattooes at the link, if you dare.)

We have to say, we think there could be something to this idea of tattoos of sports stadiums. What would be the ugliest possible tattoo? That old Busch Stadium one is pretty nasty as is, so we're gonna cross that out along with Riverfront Stadium, Veterans Stadium and Three Rivers Stadium. Maybe someone will get a tattoo of the Pink Taco?


The ugliest stadium we can come up with? We think Tropicana Field. If we ever met someone with a tattoo of Tropicana Field, we'd either give them a medal or have them committed. Both, probably.

Fan Of The Week [Joe Sports Fan]

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