Notre Dame Fans Take Out Full-Page Meme In Student Paper Calling For AD's Job

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No matter how you look at it, Notre Dame’s football team sucked, and it seems fans are roughly three steps away from the acceptance stage.

While Brian Kelly has made a fairly strong case for his removal multiple times—both by his willingness to blame the season’s low points on the players and the fact that he and his program are still directly tied to the deaths of two students—a group of fans has fired up the Meme Machine and aimed it at the man signing Kelly’s checks: athletic director Jack Swarbrick.


Four days after publicly backing Kelly on his radio show, saying operations in South Bend were “business as usual,” Swarbrick found himself the target of an ad campaign calling for his firing. Here’s the full-page ad taken out by a group of fans and alumni in the sports section of The Observer, Notre Dame’s student newspaper:


The Fighting Irish finished 4-8, looking like a bunch of chumps by losing to Texas, Duke, and Michigan State (which was somehow even worse than losing to Duke!) They also had six players arrested, lost wins from back when they were actually good over an academic scandal, had another player kick the head of an opposing team’s concussed player, and still plague us with fucking Lou Holtz. The only “win” Notre Dame can boast about came via a state Supreme Court decision to keep their cops safe from the horrors of FOIA.

According to Sports Illustrated, the group has a second ad planned to run in a different paper on Sunday.