Anyone who knows anything can tell you that French Canadians are really just here for our amusement. Sure, you get your occasional Avril Lavigne here or there, a crossover superstar, but mostly, it's a sea of Erik Bedards and Jean Chrétiens.

Novak Djokovic knows this too, and accordingly, during an interview with Jean-René Dufort—qui est, d'après Wikipedia, "un animateur de radio et de télévision québécois"—unleashes a succulently sophomoric nut-tap prank on Dufort. Djoko brings the presenter close so he can inspect his racket—it's a Head, no less, so Dufort should have known something was up—and then thumps him.

You get to do things like this when you're the best player around. Whereas Bob and Mike Bryan only get to do it to one another.

Via Daily Picks and Flicks.