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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Kristaps Porzingis was named Latvian Athlete of the Year at the annual Latvijas Gada Balva Sportā ceremony today. He was unable to accept the award in person, as his Knicks are playing the Magic right now. This was ultimately a good thing, however, as it meant that we got to see some of his relatives do it on his behalf.


A cursory glance at past years’ ceremonies shows a traditionally formal affair with pretty run-of-the-mill acceptance speeches. But Porzingis is cooler than that, and apparently his family is too. His grandmother Antonija Trumsina, great-aunt Ilga Lemaine and aunts Ilga Pavare and Ilze Berzina came on stage in matching shawls to share a song they wrote about their dear Kristaps:

I do not speak Latvian, but here is the translation as given by the television network’s subtitles:

What we would like to wish our Porzingis tonight, tonight

Wish you good health and all of the work gets easily done

All those jealous sights should stay away from you

All the glory and fame for Kristaps while living in America

God give Kristaps opportunity to stay at such a high level for a long, long time

Stay away from Kristaps, all you jealous sights.


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