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Bob Wischusen and Dan Dakich were calling Butler-Xavier game on ESPN this afternoon as part of the network's tip-off marathon coverage and—naturally—Tim Tebow came up. Wischusen is the Jets' play-by-play guy for ESPN Radio, and as such he is in a position to truly understand Tebow's irrelevance right now. And so, when Dakich asks him why the Jets aren't starting Tebow, Wischusen goes off, awesomely.

Didn't we get word from Bristol that we had actually allowed like 11 minutes of ESPN airtime to go by without mentioning Tebow? I think that's the standard company rule. Every 15 minutes of every program, regardless of what sport is being aired, Tim Tebow must be mentioned. So good job of you following the company line.


And here's a clip of how the whole thing started:

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