Tom Bradley's name is never mentioned in the 23-page Penn State grand jury summary. But that's undoubtedly true for a lot of witnesses whose appearance was not worth noting, since the summary is merely a report of the findings and the actual transcripts remain under seal. But the Patriot-News of Harrisburg, citing a source, is now reporting that Bradley did in fact appear before the grand jury this summer, though the nature of his testimony is still unknown. That same Patriot-News story also says Mike McQueary, who testified he witnessed Jerry Sandusky raping a child but has since seemed to contradict himself about what he did afterward, briefly lived with Bradley in 2006 or '07, when McQueary was planning to buy a house just before he got married.

The questions about who at Penn State knew what will only keep coming, and that's especially true for anyone associated with the football program back to 2002, if not beyond. Just because Bradley testified and even lived with McQueary doesn't mean Bradley definitely knows everything McQueary does. It also doesn't mean Bradley knows anything at all about what McQueary saw. But it probably wouldn't hurt for a reporter to ask him about this.

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