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Illustration for article titled Now That Hes Been Fired, The Town Of Park Ridge, Ill., Wants To Unname Jim Hendry Way

Poor Jim Hendry. He's been relieved of his general manager duties in Chicago, after he loaded the team up with bad contracts and badder mojo, and now things just get worse. They want to take away his street sign.


The Chicago Sun-Times explains:

When honorary "Jim Hendry Way" signs suddenly appeared on Park Ridge traffic signal poles three years ago, city officials had little say in the matter.

But now that Hendry, a Park Ridge resident, has been fired as general manager of the Cubs, the city's mayor thinks it is time for the signs to meet a similar end.

Mayor David Schmidt sent a letter this week to the Illinois Department of Transportaion, asking for the signs to be taken down.

"We never wanted them up in the first place," Schmidt said. "The state controls that roadway and (former Illinois governor Rod) Blagojevich wanted the signs to go up. But now that Blagojevich is gone and so is Hendry—at least from the Cubs—it seems like this would be a good time to ask for (the signs) to be removed."


Oh does it, Mayor David Schmidt? Really? You wanna stomp on all this guy has left? A road in some Chicago suburb? You will rue the day you bet against Jim Hendry!

Unless, of course, his comeback involves him being put in charge of another baseball team. In which case the city should probably keep the road.

With Hendry out, Park Ridge wants ‘Jim Hendry Way' gone too [Chicago Sun-Times]


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