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Now That's A Knee Injury!

Gnarly: Former Bengal Reggie Williams has had a few problems with his knees. Unless you think that having kneecaps that look like tree trunks aren't a problem. [Money Players Blogs]

How cold is it?: Jim Cantore is now a sideline reporter? So those fans throwing lawn furniture at him were just trying to make him feel at home? [Midwest Sports Fans]


Faster, pussycat: Will track and field run out of new world records? Not if my new robotic hip joints have anything to say about it. [Steroid Nation]

Happy Hanukkah: "Furious" Pete Czerwinski ate 46 latkes in 8 minutes, before furiously spending the next three hours in a bathroom. [Sports Rubbish]

And what about curling?: Why does the Canadian list of top sports stories have almost nothing to do with Canada? Don't they have an NHL TV contract either? [Kurtenblog]

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