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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

As Garcia Mania continues to sweep the greater Philadelphia area — if just because "Westbrook Mania" doesn't have the same indelible linguistic flow — we point out to you the spoils of quarterbacking an NFL team that is the company in a company town: Incredibly awkward local television commercials! (Thanks to The 700 Level for the finding.)


As for the game yesterday, for a matchup of two teams in the supposedly inferior conference, it was incredibly well-played — both the NFC games were decidedly more entertaining than their AFC counterparts this weekend — and even allowed the losers to come away with their dignity intact. (We would have not expected Eli Manning's stock to come out of the weekend higher than Tony Romo's ... but we'll get into that in a bit.) Mostly, though, we'll remember Tiki Barber after the game, with a shit-eating "what, you think I'm gonna miss getting pummeled into the ground every Sunday and then having to talk to you people afterwards?" grin. Being a football player is considerably less fun than we think it is, and we admire a guy who admit it, and gets the hell out while he can still walk.

Jeff Garcia Mania! [The 700 Level]

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