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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Who knew Swedes got so ornery? But this is the treatment you get if you're an opposing member of a Swedish hockey team and were involved in a salacious sex scandal. Gentlemen...unleash the dildos!

The taunts were directed at Jan Huokko, a stocky defenceman with the Leksand hockey club in Sweden’s second-tier professional hockey league, and a former player with AIK. Ahead of Tuesday’s match against Leksand, the website for AIK’s unofficial supporter group had instructed fans to bring dildos to the match to remind Huokko of the sex scandal which plagued him earlier in the year, according to the Expressen newspaper.


Huokko' s a a big boy. He can take it. The person I feel most sorry for is the poor guy sent out on to the ice with a broom to sweep up a bunch of mult-colored sex toys. You can almost hear him muttering, " I should have stayed in college...what am I doing with my life?" Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour [The Local] Hockey game delayed by Dildos [With Leather]

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