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Now We Know Where Grady Sizemore's Coffee Mug Dong Shots Came From

When an athlete's self-taken nude photos get out, they always claim it's because someone hacked their computer. This might be the first case where it turned out to be true.


Sizemore always maintained that the photos were meant solely for his girlfriend, Playboy model Brittany Binger. We've heard that one before, and just assumed he sent it to some road beef who put it on Media Take Out or something. But we underestimated Sizemore's moral standing. A St. Cloud State University student has been charged with unauthorized computer access, for intercepting the photos meant for Binger.

It's actually quite simple how she got the photos, and doesn't really qualify as "hacking." Records show she looked at Binger's Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages, and was able to surmise Binger's email password from the publicly posted info. She logged in to Binger's email account and downloaded the photos. It should shock no one that a model's email password was her birthday or something.


Charge: Apple Valley woman hacked Playboy playmate, stole nude pics of MLB star [Star Tribune]
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