But we still don't have all the details. Was it a Razor? A Segway? A Jazzy? And did Medicare pay for it? We may never know.

Reports TMZ:

J.R. Smith is not going to gain any street cred from this arrest — he was popped in Miami this weekend for operating a scooter without a valid driver's license. THUG LIFE!!!!

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Smith, who has played the last five seasons with the Denver Nuggets, was not taken to jail for the offense. We're told Smith signed a notice to appear — he'll get his court date later.

South Beach beware — Smith was released on his own recognizance.

We should probably note, in response to TMZ's cracklin' levity, that Smith's license was suspended through March 2012 back in 2009 for a reckless driving accident that killed his friend. And Smith's license had been suspended five times before that.

So, yeah, if anyone on a scooter ought to be removed from the road, it's probably J.R. Smith.

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