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Nyjer Morgan Was On The Red Carpet For The L.A. Twilight Premiere Last Night

Nyjer Morgan—or his alter-ego Tony Plush, depending on your take—is a tremendous weirdo. He flies kites when he gets prompted by his Twitter followers. He gives interviews in character. He might actually be a little bit insane. And to add to the tally: he appears to be a legitimate fan of the Twilight series.


Morgan made it onto the red carpet for last night's premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawnthe one where the vampire marries the mortal and the werewolf gets mad—and even managed to photo-bomb teen Ken doll Taylor Lautner. What a guy.

If you're curious, here's Plush's review of the film:

Great premier last nite! For those Twilight Fans you will enjoy the entire movie! If Plush had to pick Wearwolf or Vampire, I'm a Wearwolf!

H/T Drunken Midgets, Now imma throw my gyroball.

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