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Oakland Raiders Superfans Are Tired Of Being Seen As Criminals, So They're Transforming Into The PTA

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The Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State has adopted the usual language of surprise accusations—no one ever suspected anything from this loving, friendly old man. The Oakland Raiders' fan club, the Black Hole, is trying to pull the inverse. Sure, we may look like demon spawn who strangle innocent folks on our way to Coliseum, but we're really just good folks who love football!

Accordingly, per the Oakland Tribune, those terrifying folks in the end zone are trying to transform themselves into an organization no more menacing than your local P.T.A.:

Now the Black Hole Fan Club and its members are fighting back, attempting to show the world the other side of the whips and chains: charity works, community service and philanthropy.

"We have an image problem but most of it is due to misconceptions and wrong ideas," said Elias Trejo, the founder of "Raider fans are just like any other fans. A perfect example is my writing staff. I have a former coach, a police officer from England and a college professor from Texas that write for me."
They hired a public relations man, Ken Sarna of High Point Sports and Entertainment, and set up a new website: They raised $1,000 for a reward fund to help catch the killer of Fruitvale restaurant owner Jesus "Chuy" Campos, recently donated about $600 to a struggling Hayward Christian preschool and hope to one day have the Black Hole Charities to raise and distribute money.


Within the Tribune's piece, we also meet "Afro Deesiac" and "Skull Lady," who are in reality an IT administrator in the health care sector and a soccer mom. "Afro Deesiac" even speaks to underprivileged children in his free time.

Raider nation! Carson Palmer is not worthy of these people.

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