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Illustration for article titled Obese Cat Prince Chunk Is Dead. Long Live Obese Cat Prince Chunk.

Prince Chunk's road to stardom went something like this: Be really fat when your owner's South Jersey home gets foreclosed so she has to put you up for adoption and, well, that's all it takes to get Regis' attention.


The 44-pound, probably-12-year-old tabby's adoptive padre Vince Damiani said the cat died in his sleep shortly after being diagnosed with a genetic form of heart disease. According to the Courier-Post newspaper ...

"We're deeply saddened," said Damiani, whose family earlier this year launched the Prince Chunk Foundation, a charity that works to prevent animal homelessness. "We'll continue our efforts to expand the foundation in Prince Chunk's memory. His legacy will continue." ...

Damiani's family launched the Prince Chunk Foundation in June to provide temporary aid, including free veterinary care, to cat and dog owners in financial distress. The organization now operates in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and California, but hopes to expand nationwide.


Here's a link to the Prince Chunk Foundation, Inc., if you care enough to learn more.

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