It makes you wonder how the Giants ever lose a game, when they can seemingly just throw a football anywhere within his gravity well and he’ll pull it in.

The Giants did lose to Washington, of course just as they lost to Dallas a year and a week ago when Odell Beckham Jr. made what might’ve been the greatest catch I’ve ever seen. Whatever. The catches alone justify the Giants’ existence.

This one was difficult in a slightly different way, with gravity as Beckham’s enemy instead of inertia, and requiring the use of his non-dominant left hand (Beckham’s efforts to make himself ambidextrous are apparently paying off). Beckham was able to halt the ball’s momentum with his open palm, release, get both hands around the ball and cushion it from the ground with his left forearm, all between laying out horizontally and hitting the turf. That’s stellar strength, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, and there aren’t many people on earth who could do it.

Skins players couldn’t stop gushing:

“That wasn’t human,” OT Trent Williams said. “I was speechless. The guy is not from this world.”

“I’m like, ‘Great, now I’m going to be on NFL Films highlights forever,’” said CB Will Blackmon.

“That was an awesome play,” DT Jason Hatcher said. “That guy’s special. God don’t make many like him. I think he might be the only one out there like that. He’s just a special guy. He works at his craft, so you have to take your hat off to a guy like that who can catch the ball like that.

“I think my son loves Odell Beckham more than he does me So I guess I’m going to have to go out and learn how to make catches like he does.”


Beckham said his catch “doesn’t matter” because it came in a loss. He’s so, so wrong. For another angle of Beckham’s improbable grab, here is a sequence of shots from Getty Images’ Patrick Smith: