This season, an anti-wave movement has taken a foothold in the stands at Washington Nationals games. According to DC Sports Bog, The anti-wavers scored a victory at Saturday's game, but today brings a victory for the pro-wavers, who now have the support of Nats star Bryce Harper.

The wave is stupid. Any baseball fan that has been to a game and had to deal with some drunk guy standing up in the fifth inning of an 11-0 game, turning around, and desperately trying to start the wave with a "Three, two, one!" countdown while getting spittle all over the people sitting in front of him knows this.

Bryce Harper does not know this, because Bryce Harper is not a real person. He's a phenom who has spent his life living in a bubble in which it is OK to name your dog Swag, put a bat rack in the trunk of your Benz, and wear a "Sun's Out Guns Out" tank top. He is not equipped to decide what sucks and what doesn't.


Please, Bryce, just bow out of this debate. The wave needs to die.