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Of Course; Electric Skates! We'd Be Idiots Not To Try Them!

Illustration for article titled Of Course; Electric Skates! Wed Be Idiots Not To Try Them!

Introducing, the Therma Blade! Battery-warmed skates that melt the ice to provide more speed. Wayne Gretzky endorses them, so that's something, right? However the first thing that caught my eye about this item — and it may be a telling metaphor — is that the bottom half of the above photo distinctly resembles the doomed ocean liner The Titanic.

The Thermablade inventor, Calgarian Tory Weber, says the steamy steel is not a novelty item, like Cooperalls, nasal strips or pyramid power. The 43-year-old, who spent more than $5 million over five years to bring his idea to market, believes the "fairly simple physics" behind the electronic blade will revolutionize hockey for competitive players.


But seriously, place your hand over everything above the four little grey squares. See? Titanic. Blow the whistle, Rose!

Gretzky Plugs Electric Hockey Skates [Indianapolis Star, via SportsbyBrooks]

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