Of Softball Coaches And Sheep Feces

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Up in Maine, girls can like girls, girls can like boys and girls can like sheep, but, apparently, girls cannot haze their high school softball teams by making their players walk barefoot through sheep feces.

That's how Kelly Jo Cookson — the former coach in Brewster — allegedly showed her kids what it was like to be a part of a team, and it resulted in her firing. Except she claims she was only reprimanded after the ritual exercise, and the real reason she was fired was because she's a lesbian. Got it? The lawsuit was first filed in 2006. It went to Superior Court, then the state Supreme Court, and now it's headed back to Superior Court because the validity of Cookson's claim needs to be decided by a jury. Also, the Supreme Court justices were scared of deciding against Cookson.


After the ruling, Cookson's lawyer got all Glenn Beck on the media:

"While the Brewer School Committee has been high-fiving around home plate, Kelly has scored the tying run on a sacrifice squeeze and we're going to extra innings," he said. "The game is never over until the last woman is out."


I call sheepshit.

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