Oh...And About Simmons' Podcast: "He Told Me He Quit It"

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So, here's a little snippet of of information from an individual close to the ESPN/Simmons slap-fight. Remember last week, when we reported that ESPN insisted that there was nothing to the sudden disappearance of "The B.S. Report" and that, according to them, there's no smoke, fire, or truth to that rumor? Well, according to a person — let's just call them very, very close to the situation — that was, in itself, bullshit:

In one of his last podcasts, Bill made reference to not being able to put those porn stars in his fantasy league. Of course, they edited that out. Bill got pissed. He quit the podcasts.

This individual claims that they were supposed to be on an upcoming show, but were told by Simmons that it's not happening because he quit. Not surprisingly, the reason he gave was that he was being "overly edited." Anyway, I wonder if ESPN knows this yet? I am eagerly awaiting their response. When asked about this revelation, Mr. Simmons, our friend in mailbag, simply said that, once again, he cannot comment... Oh, I'm sure he will at some point though. UPDATE: It was not just because of the porn star thing (via: shhhhh...)