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Oh, God, "Sources" Are Already Bullshitting Reporters About LeBron Leaving Miami

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Here's the mind-bending scenario, as outlined by Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio: LeBron is unhappy about being persona non grata in Cleveland, he's unhappy fans around the country have been booing him, and he's unhappy about something in particular with his current digs in South Beach:

Now, there is talk that James is less-than-thrilled with certain aspects of the Heat organization. Sources in Miami say that while James still thoroughly enjoys playing alongside fellow stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he doesn't particularly care for the heavy-handed and disciplined style of team president Pat Riley.

Well, OK. LeBron has been known to want to do things LeBron's way. But Amico's "sources" then take the narrative a step further:

James can opt out of his contract at the end of the 2013-14 season, and speculation is he will strongly consider it if Riley remains in his current role. And the team James would be eyeballing most in free agency, say those close to the situation, would be the Cavs.


LeBron angling for a way to be Cleveland's prodigal son even before he's won a championship in Miami is pretty much the most LeBron thing ever. But, hang on. Amico points to the "secretive manner in which [LeBron] kept the Cavs guessing" before his decision to depart two years ago, not to mention that the Cavs likely wouldn't want LeBron back anyway. And don't forget: This is all an attempt to ascertain what might happen if something else happens more than two years from now. Which means Sam Amico has succeeded in giving us a report that's not unlike what Eddie from Euclid heard at that bar in The Flats from that guy who talked to a guy who overheard what LeBron's driver told the old lady bagging his groceries. Because, hey, you never know.

Cleveland return in LeBron's future? [Fox Sports Ohio]

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