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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Oh, How Innocent Tiger Woods And His Brood Of Swedecaublasians Were Just A Short Time Ago

Via golf blogging impresario Geoff Shackelford from Tiger's fan page, where the previously Teflon superstar said this: "I think we've avoided a lot of media attention because we're kind of boring." Boredom quelled.


The latest updates from TMZ's 24-hour Tiger Watch are that Elin has admitted she may have slightly embellished her makeshift trauma-unit rescue tale and that alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel has sought legal advice to possibly sue the National Enquirer. (Good luck with that.)

And tomorrow, the mysterious 911 tapes from a confused neighbor who saw the World's Greatest Golfer In History laying in the middle of his tony neighborhood beside his SUV parked on top of fire hydrant with his model wife hovering over him will supposedly be revealed. Tiger's still yet to step up to a dais out in front of his house to address reporter's question but we shouldn't have to wait that much longer.

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