Oh, Look, More Disgusting Shit From The Loathsome Art Briles Apology Tour

Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty
Photo Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty

Three weeks after former Baylor football coach Art Briles wrote the public a mewling letter promising that he’s really a stand-up guy, he’s continuing on his quest to repair his image and lock down a new coaching job. Briles was a guest speaker at yesterday’s Birmingham Football Coaching Clinic, saying that he wants to stay in football for another decade and that he’s happy to be “open and free” right now.


Briles’s session at the clinic was titled “Making Concepts Into Themes,” though it does not appear that he spoke about making the concept of sexual assault into a theme that ultimately comes to define and derail your program. He did speak, however, about the fact that he wants to coach for another decade and that he’s been dedicating himself to the noble cause of helping out everyone else who got caught up in enabling sexual assault:

“My main focus has been to help those who were with me land on their feet.... It just didn’t affect me. It affected numerous office personnel, strength staff and all the coaches. My main focus, honestly, this year has been to make sure they can continue doing what they love doing and provide for their families. So, that’s where I’ve been.”

It presumably also affected the women who suffered an alleged 52 rapes at the hands of football players over the course of four years, but whatever. Thank God Briles is here to selflessly protect the office personnel, the strength staff and the other coaches. Always putting others before himself, truly.

Briles said yesterday that he’s “not really concerned with what level” he coaches next, and he hasn’t ruled out working as a volunteer or consultant this season. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever been open and free because I started coaching before I graduated college,” he said, noting that he’s just “been very blessed.”

He was also asked what advice he would give to young coaches. His answer included “be a good role model.”