Oh No, David de Gea, What Are You Doing?

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Photo: Catherine Ivill (Getty Images)

Manchester United came into the Camp Nou on Tuesday knowing that two goals would likely get them to the semi-finals of the Champions League. Not an easy task at all, but a doable one. But then United gagged up two awful first-half goals, one from an inexplicable David de Gea boner, and that looks to be that.

The first goal was very much not de Gea’s fault. He maybe could have covered his far post better, but against Lionel Messi, on his left from the top of the box with a clean sightline to the far post, there is usually no answer:


Barcelona’s second goal, though...oh boy:


Before the match, United’s goalkeeping coach spoke of the “super special preparation” de Gea had undergone to avoid conceding to Messi. Presumably, this is not what he was referring to.