Sweet Towering Prince Boban Marjanovic Injured In Nasty Fall

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Late in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s narrow road win over the Pelicans, huge galoot Boban Marjanovic got tangled up with Pelicans not-nearly-as-big man Cheick Diallo going for a loose ball. Boban’s right leg got folded up between Diallo’s legs, and twisted hideously as the two players fell to the floor. As the action raced the other way, the bigger fellow was not able to get back to his feet.

Boban Marjanovic Injury

This was awful to watch. The twist in the leg is gnarly as hell, but Boban appeared not to fully register the problem right away, until he tried to roll and get his legs under him. Some combination of the pain in his leg and the realization of the injury seemed to hit home especially hard, and then when he was finally helped to his feet he appeared unable to put any weight at all on the leg. As a person who very much enjoys watching Boban do Boban things on an NBA basketball court, allow me to say this sucks shit!

Boban has settled in nicely as a backup to Joel Embiid in Philadelphia, and even if that weren’t the case he still does cool shit like dunk the ball by just leaning backwards and sticking his hand in the air. He will reportedly have an MRI on his right knee on Tuesday. Maybe while he heals up, he will still be able to be in movies.