Note on the photo at right: Moments after it was taken, two bears on unicycles were seen riding the trail in the opposite direction, one of them wearing a purple jacket. But anyway, that's not why we showed you this. The 13th Unicycle World Championships are being held right now and run through Aug. 2 in Switzerland. So we'd be totally surprised if you weren't scurrying to to the nearest airport with passport in hand, to witness this sweet action in person. From Fringe Sports Central:

If you don't have a favorite, I recommend the always entertaining downhill competitions. Oh yeah, you read that correctly — down hill unicycling. Just imagine the near fatal accidents waiting to happen. There is a legitimate chance of seeing decapitation, impalement or disembowelment by unicycle. Maybe all three. Name me another sport that can boast that potential. You can't do it.

He's right! We can't. Although this comes close.

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