Although he's actually from Argentina, Carlos Tevez was all on board with the slant-eye throw down on Wednesday, as we see here following one of his three goals vs. Blackburn. The gesture of course was made famous by Spanish teams at the Beijing Olymipcs, and the Manchester United star has said that he would like to play in Spain at some point. It's clear that he would fit right in.

Of course Spain's recent history with the slant-eye gesture has been well-documented here, having started in Beijing, where the men's and women's hoops teams both got in on the act.

And suddenly it was everywhere on the Iberian Peninsula (sorry, Portugal, you're apparently innocent). The big surprise is that Europe looked at this and gave a large collective yawn. But then, Europe is weird.

In addition to insulting an entire race, Tevez may have gotten a coach fired on Wednesday. Nice combo.


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