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Ohio State Lineman Tracy Sprinkle Allegedly Involved In Huge Bar Brawl

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Ohio State defensive lineman Tracy Sprinkle was arrested Friday night after allegedly being involved in a giant bar fight in Ohio.


Sprinkle was charged with rioting and failure to disperse as well as cocaine possession—we'll get to that part—at the Grown & Sexy Lounge in Lorain.

According to the police report, officers responded to the lounge at approximately 2 a.m. Saturday to find dozens of people outside, with some of them fighting. There was more going on inside the establishment. From the police report, via Buckeye Xtra:

"In addition to the fights that were currently happening in the east and west parking lot, I had a clear vision inside the bar and could see absolute mayhem going on inside," an officer wrote. "A large amount of people could be seen fighting inside with chairs being thrown."

A pool table had been flipped over, overhead lights destroyed, tables and chairs broken, and glass bottles had been thrown.

The officer requested all available units respond, and unleashed a police dog on the crowd "to assist with crowd control."

As one group would disperse, another would form to fight some more, the officer wrote.

The officer repeatedly came across a shirtless, blood-faced man, identified as Wayne Blue, 23, who was yelling at Sprinkle.

"It was clear that the two of them had been fighting," the report said. Both men were being held back from fighting by friends.

Officers arrested Blue for not following orders, and ordered Sprinkle to leave. His friends said they would see to it. "We got him," they said, as they pushed him toward a car.

However, Sprinkle became engaged in another scuffle, and was arrested.

The unconscious female was being treated by an ambulance crew. She told police she was hit with a chair during the the fight, and pushed into a wall, despite having no part of the fight. She didn't know who threw the chair.

Blue told police that Sprinkle had struck him in the face with a bottle, cutting his lip. He was taken to Mercy Hospital. Sprinkle denied involvement in the fight.


After Sprinkle was taken out of the patrol car, police found two small bags of cocaine stuffed into the backseat. According to the report, an officer had checked the seat before putting Sprinkle in there and found nothing, so Sprinkle was charged with cocaine possession.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said today that Sprinkle would be suspended indefinitely.

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Photo courtesy of Lorain Police Department via Land-Grant Holy Land

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