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Last night, the Knicks — the New York Knickswon their fifth straight game, beating the Dallas Mavericks 117-115 in overtime. (We had tickets to this game but had to turn them down; hey, "Yes, Dear" was on.) These weren't weak wins either; they beat Cleveland on the road, and Phoenix and now Dallas at home. This is beginning to make us a little crazy; we were finding the Knicks' losing ways comforting, soothing, like the "Today" show or falling asleep to a "Seinfeld" rerun.

But don't look now, folks: The Knicks are now only two games behind the Bulls for the eighth playoff slot. This seems pretty obviously attributable to Larry Brown, though it wouldn't surprise us if Isiah Thomas was stuffed in a closet somewhere and will only be taken out for next year's draft.

Yeah. The Knicks are two games out of the playoffs. We don't understand anything anymore.

Knicks Hang on for 5th Straight "W" [Knickerbockers 2005-06]