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Okay, Now NFL Teams Are Just Flaunting It

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty

The Buffalo Bills today signed Joe Webb as a backup quarterback. You may remember Joe Webb from when he last threw a pass in a regular season NFL game, which was in friggin’ 2011. Webb has made more appearances as a wide receiver (1) than as a quarterback (0) in the years since.


Get a load of this line from the Bills website (emphasis mine):

A former sixth-round pick of the Minnesota Vikings (2010), Webb is an athletic quarterback who has dabbled at other positions including wide receiver and kick returner.

I mean, listen: put to bed forever the idea that Colin Kaepernick is out of the NFL right now because he can’t play. Half the flimsy excuses for his inability to find work this season have rested upon the idea that athletic quarterbacks are falling out of favor around the league. Colin Kaepernick could be described as an athletic quarterback—to his credit, and unlike Joe Webb, he can also credibly be described as an actual NFL quarterback.

I look forward to this coming week, when some NFL team brings in Kordell Stewart to serve as an emergency replacement.

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