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It was an exuberant display, and you can hear the announcer really trying (and absolutely failing) to cement the moment for us: "Happy, happy, happy day!" Unfortunately, officials are reporting that 13 revelers were injured as students stormed the field and tore down the goal posts. According to Michael Authement, who heads the command post at emergency medical provider LifeNet EMS, some were trampled as they made their way to the field, others fell more than fifteen feet onto concrete.

AP photographs showed fans climbing atop the yellow goalposts and tearing them apart amid a crush of people on the field. Scores of hands stretched out to pull down the goalposts during the celebration.

Authement said nine ambulances, including six from LifeNet, rushed 11 of the injured away and the two in critical condition were flown to Oklahoma City hospitals. He said he knew of leg fractures but didn't have any details on the extent of the injuries, though two of the 13 had minor injuries and were treated at the scene and released.

Lesser injuries included broken ankles, ankle sprains and back sprains, said Shyla Eggers, public relations director for Stillwater Medical Center, adding eight injured came to her hospital. She told AP that her hospital received six of the injured in ambulances, two in private vehicles and at least two of the patients have been admitted and would undergo surgery on broken ankles.

"Our staff that was on hand took care of it. They were just very busy," Eggers said. "Game day is always busy."


Game day is very busy, as I'm sure any athletic department can attest. Like, just as a for instance, Oklahoma State's athletic department, which was busy uploading this video.

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