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Illustration for article titled Ole Miss Football Coach Engages In Some Revisionist History

The picture you see above was sent from Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze's Twitter account today, along with the inspiring hashtags #HottyToddy, #DoSomethingSpecial, and #WinTheDay. What a great way to recall the storied legacy of the Ole Miss football program! Except, of course, for the fact that everything about that picture is wrong.

Ole Miss has never won a national championship in the BCS era, meaning that it never would have received any of the crystal football trophies depicted in that photo (please note that the BCS logos have been clumsily photoshopped out of the image).


Also, the three national championships that Ole Miss lays claim to are more than a little specious. Those titles come from the 1959, 1960, and 1962 seasons, a time when college football was bogged down by an abundance of polls that all placed different teams atop them, opening the door for many programs to claim themselves national champions. Ole Miss was never ranked higher than second place in the AP or coaches' poll those three years.

So basically, your picture is a bunch of bullshit, Hugh Freeze.

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