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Olympic Torch Carried By Athlete On Steroids

The Vancouver games are only starting the torch relay, and we've already got a doping controversy. Oh, Olympics, how we've missed you.

Since I'm sure you were watching live coverage of the first week of the torch relay through Greece, you may have noticed one runner completed her leg a little faster than everybody else. That's because hurdler Fani Halkia might have had a bit of metribolone in her system.


Halkia was banned for two years after testing positive at the Beijing Games, but since she also won a gold in Athens, the Greek Olympic Committee are happy to let that slide. Accordingly, they let her carry the torch for a segment of the relay. IOC officials: not happy.

The Greeks backed down pretty quickly, claiming the whole thing was an oversight. But what do they care? She won them a gold, and what is the IOC going to do: take the flame away from Greece?

Disgraced Athlete Gives Relay Its First Hurdle [CTV]

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