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If you've got some time, the Journal of Sexual Medicine needs your help. They need a term for the female version of "cycling penis," a condition which occurs when a cyclist spends too much time on a bicycle seat. We bring this to you via Dave Barry's blog, although Dave failed to note several key passages in the article. Such as:

Gynecologists used lightly vibrating probes to stimulate the female genitals and participants measured the sensations they felt.

"Strange as it might sound, it's kind of like a hearing test," he says.

"From what we know now, and this is the first real study that has looked at this, I would recommend a no-nose saddle."

But he warns that seats with a cut-out or scoop in the middle are no substitute.

So get to work! We'd like that new term on our desk by tomorrow morning.

Now Women Are Getting 'Cycling Penis' Too [ABC South East SA]


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