One Way To Get Tree-Sitters Down

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You might remember the comedic goodness we unearthed when making fun of the Berkeley tree-sitters who were about to be overrun by rabid SEC football fans. Well, we figured we'd check in and see how those tree-sitters were doing. Turns out, not well.

There wouldn't seem to be many ways a guy who had been sitting in a tree for a year could hurt himself. One of the protesters discovered the foolproof one.

The SAN JOSE MERCURY news reports a tree-sitter was injured when he fell 30 feet from his high perch. Nathaniel Hill was hanging on a suspended traverse when he slipped, suffering a broken arm & leg in the fall.

A group has been living in the trees for almost a year, in protest of the University's plans to cut the oaks down and build a sports training center.


They're about to be booted by the courts anyway, which just makes the fall more tragic and hilarious. We wish he would have worn one of those new throwback jerseys, though. At least the plummet would have looked cool.

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