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Only Two One-Point Safeties Have Ever Happened In NCAA Football History, And Brad Nessler Called Them Both

Tonight's mostly-boring Fiesta Bowl has featured the expected Oregon offensive firepower, but it's how they scored a single point that will make this a game to remember. After a third-quarter touchdown put the Ducks up 31-10 on Kansas State, the Wildcats blocked Oregon's extra point try, recovered it outside of the end zone, then retreated into the own end zone where they were tackled for what the NCAA officially calls a "try safety." That's worth one point, and if you're an avid reader of our site you already knew this.


What's wild is that it was only the second one-point safety in NCAA history. The first happened on November 26, 2004, and here's the video of it:

Yes, that's Brad Nessler, and while he's a lucky enough man to have witnessed history—twice!—we'll also note he didn't know what he was seeing either time. But we're sure in another eight years a 64-year-old Nessler will be right on top of the one-point safety call. [ESPN]

Update: In Nessler's defense, other broadcasters didn't know it was a safety either. Here's the ESPN Deportes call:

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