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Open Thread: Tennessee vs. Virginia

Once again, the first batch of games of the day is a batch of 1. Later in the day, VaTech/Southern Illinois and Winthrop/Oregon will be on at the same time (along with two other games), and I'll have to choose... but in about ten minutes, my undivided attention is forced to Tennessee/Virginia, whether I like it or not.

Tennessee's going to have to score 121 again to justify this. Of course, the Cavaliers seem determined to not let this happen.

"They got 121 because there wasn't any resistance at all," said UVA guard Sean Singletary. "Tomorrow is going to be a different story. There's going to be resistance."


I don't think I appreciate that unnecessary dig at Long Beach State, Sean Singletary. And neither do Craig Hodges, Terrell Davis, Mark O'Meara or Harold Reynolds... all Long Beach State alumni; all people who now hate you, Sean Singletary. Go Vols.

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