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Open Thread: The 5:00ish Games

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After a solid, but not spectacular set of games, we get set to wind the weekend down with a block of three more. Purdue was able to give Florida a little bit of a scare before petering out down the stretch. UNLV upset Wisconsin, ending Alando Tucker's college career and capping a thoroughly poor tournament performance by Wisconsin. Winthrop never got close to Oregon, and Southern Illinois has led Virginia Tech comfortably throughout.

Looking ahead to the evening, will Kentucky be able to keep the margin of victory under 27, the difference the last time they played Kansas? How will Memphis respond when asked to play a team that actually has players on scholarship? Will Kevin Durant advance, allowing us to see more Kevin Durant?

Oh, and feel free to use this thread for discussion of tonight's women's tournament action, too, which includes... I don't know, women, I guess.


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