Oregon Ducks Continue To Assault The Pupils

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We've never had the inherent fascination with sports uniforms that some folks have — it is, after all, laundry — but we couldn't help but note the new Oregon Ducks football uniforms, which they call "the next step in uniform development," which we suppose is true if that step involves playing football during an Elton John concert.

But we'll let a couple college football blogs take it over for us.

Every Day Should Be Saturday: "Cirrohsis of the eye."
The M Zone: "For the love of God, somebody has to reign in these designs the Nike folks are forcing on you and your team. You guys are a major college football team, not contestants on Project Runway."
The Wizard Of Odds: "The innovations and ensemble possibilities — 48 in all — will once again make the Ducks the most unusually outfitted and fussed-over team in the nation."


All together now ... "I'm still standin', after all this time ... looking like a true survivor ..."

(UPDATE: The Uniwatch Guy has plenty to say about this.)