Oregon, Ohio Mayor: Name Won't Change For College Football Championship

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You might have heard that the city of Oregon, Ohio will change its name for the Jan. 12 college football national championship game between the Oregon Ducks and Ohio State Buckeyes. That's not actually going to happen, according to Oregon's mayor.

The idea started with a Facebook post that reached mayor Mike Seferian, but Seferian did some research and says the city's name will stay, because it actually predates the state's name. From WTVG:

Even the mayor is a little feisty about this name change and loyal to his home team. He did a little bit of homework and found out The city at work I'm [sic] got its name in 1838. The state of Oregon got its name in 1859. He says they had the name first and they are not changing it.

"To change the name of Oregon just seemed wrong for us," says Mayor Mike Seferian. He says the origin of both names come from the Oregon territory out west even before Oregon was a state.

"It was an association back in the 1800s The people here were trying to get a business transaction going with the Oregon territory as well as the state of Oregon and it's pronounced the same Their accent might be different out there but the name came from the same spot."


Suck it, state of Oregon! Seferian says he'll consider changing one of the city's slogans to support the Buckeyes, instead.


Photo: AP