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Orioles' Radio Station Turns Rain-Delay Into "Canceled" Game

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Fans in Baltimore waiting for the Orioles game to resume yesterday after a 90-minute rain delay may have been confused when the game resumed, but the radio crew calling the action was nowhere to be found.


Sunday's game between the Orioles and Mets was halted by weather after just one inning, but was resumed and completed after the delay. However, the Baltimore radio station, 105.7 The Fan, never came back to the game and when Orioles officials checked the booth to see what was up, they realized no one was in there. A report that started on a New York Post blog said the O's radio team, Joe Angel and Fred Manfra, told their bosses that the game had been called off and simply went home. Not that anyone would blame them since it was a preseason game against the Mets. (The Orioles won, as if that matters.) Still ... so unprofessional right?

In his defense, Angel sent out a message this morning explaining how it wasn't his fault:

To ALL Orioles Fans.....Fred And I had nothing to do with the decision to discontinue the broadcast on Sunday March 29th. It was completely out of our hands ... On Sunday,....we filled for about 40 minutes and then we were told to discontinue the broadcast and simply sign off. The engineer left, the equipment went with him. Fred And I did NOT make that decision......we are not in a position to make that decision.

Fred Manfra and I would much rather have preferred to stay and finish the broadcast after the rain delay. That's why we were keep you informed and entertained. We consider ourselves to be professionals and would never abandon a broadcast as some would seem to perceive.

The decision to end the broadcast was made by the decision making level at our flagship station. It didn't come from us.....and certainly not from the Orioles. Thanks for listening........There's a lot to look forward to with Orioles baseball. Fred and I are grateful and privileged to be your Orioles baseball companions. See you on the radio!


Unless we aren't there, that is!

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