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Ornery Joe Namath Thinks Jets Should Top B.S.-ing Their Goddamn Quarterbacks, Whoever They Are

The New York Jets' gin-blossomed legend offered some candid thoughts on his old team and, right now, he doesn't like the Jets' quarterback situation at all.

Obviously, he was a more interesting interview subject before he befriended Bill W., but he's still got some pluck in him without the booze . Take what Namath told The Daily News about the Jets' current, post-Favre quarterback situation:

< blockquote>
"I'm curious. How do the players feel about (Clemens)? How do the coaches feel about him? If he's not the guy, why is he still there? God damn, it's time for him to step up. The guy deserves a shot. If the team doesn't feel that way, don't B.S. everybody and keep dragging it out. It's bull. Say what you mean. Do you have confidence in Clemens or (Brett) Ratliff or not?


He thinks not.

"From what I've been reading in the papers, some of the comments, the confidence level isn't too high and it doesn't look real encouraging for those quarterbacks. It seems no one has a lick of confidence in them. If that's true, why have they been there?"

But his negative attitude only projects upon the current team quarterbacks. Yet, the glass is always half full when it comes to the Ol' Gunslinger:

"I know what I watched. I don't see anything positive for me - Joe Namath - characterizing my memories of the last five games. What the hell? I want to be comfortable with my memories of Brett Favre."


What is the difference between "upbeat and positive" and "delusional?"

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