Oscar Pistorius Got Into Some Shit At A Club

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Oscar Pistorius was definitely out at a Johannesburg nightclub on Saturday night, and definitely had some sort of altercation with another patron. That much both sides can agree upon, but that's about it.

Pistorius, whose trial for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp is adjourned until next month's closing arguments, was out at The VIP Room on Saturday. (From the photo gallery on the club's website, it appears to have been Superhero Saturday.)


Jared Mortimer tells his story to South African newspaper The Star:

Mortimer said the athlete ended up insulting his friends, including a relative of President Jacob Zuma, and poked him in the chest.

Mortimer said he then pushed a "drunk" Pistorius away from him and the latter fell back onto a chair before bouncers intervened.


Mortimer said Pistorius started getting aggressive. "He was poking me and saying that I would never get the better of him. He was close to my face and at that point I pushed him to get him away from me… and he fell to the ground," Mortimer said.

Three other people who were at the party corroborated Mortimer's allegations. They asked to remain anonymous.


Mortimer claims that Pistorius was later thrown out of the club after an altercation with another man.

A Pistorius family spokesperson confirmed that something happened, but paints Mortimer as the aggressor.

"They sat in a quiet area of the private VIP section when they were approached by the individual you have identified as Mr Mortimer.

"The individual in question, according to my client, started to aggressively engage him on matters relating to the trial. An argument ensued during which [Pistorius] asked to be left alone. Oscar left soon thereafter with his cousin."

Whatever happened, the weirdest part of the weekend was Pistorius firing up the old Twitter account for only the second time since he shot Steenkamp (the first was on the anniversary of her death).


There was also a fourth tweet, in all caps, that Pistorius quickly deleted: "THE LORD IS CLOSE TO THE BROKENHEARTED."