Our Night-Blind President

When you see a shape.
When you see a shape.
Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images)

There are different degrees of being on vacation. There are the ones that involve unplugging all the way—smash your dumbass phone with a large flat rock, shred your passport, move to the woods for like six days, then come home and I guess shop for a new phone. There are the moderate, heavily hedged vacations in which you are more or less constantly available for work duties but are doing all the usual things you do from a spot slightly closer to a lake or a beach than usual. If I had to place my current state of vacation somewhere on the continuum of Have Smashed Phone With Rock to Blogging From A Beach Rental, it would be far closer to the latter than the former; when I follow Drew’s lead and go to Maine later this summer, I’ll very much be in the market for a large flat rock.


Geographically speaking, though, I am inarguably and at the very least not in New York City this week. It’s only sort of a vacation—I am at a beach place with my family, which means it’s really more of a Repeating Yourself Grumpily Contest than anything else—but it’s close enough to one that I’d remark upon it. Anyway, my absence meant that we reached back once again into the Deadcast archives for one of our many Stone Cold Classics.

We settled on this late May episode, in which the lovely and talented Lauren Theisen joined us to talk about the Stanley Cup—there are no spoilers on the outcome, somehow!—and the NFL’s utterly predictable and still unsolved anthem-related issues. Most of the episode, though, focuses on some truly evergreen shit: performative Trumpish buffoonery and earnest advice to young graduates from two heartbreakingly old dudes and an actual high-functioning young person.

Next week, the heartbreakingly old dudes will be back, discussing whatever sports shit we can come up with and, presumably, rheumatoid arthritis. If you have any advice on where to find a good phone-smashing rock, I hope you will let me know.

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