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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Overconfident Goalkeeper Pays For His Casualness With Huge Boner

Ross County’s Scott Fox must’ve thought Rangers forward Alfredo Morelos had slid off the edge of the flat Earth after the keeper managed to juke away from Morelos’s tackle deep in Fox’s own penalty area. Unfortunately, the Earth is not flat—or at least the edge of it is not located just off the boundaries of County’s end line—and Morelos instead simply got back up, ran back over to the way-too-lax Fox, and stole the ball away for an easy tap-in.


Let this be a lesson to goalkeepers everywhere: The Earth (probably) is not flat, and you (definitely) cannot get away with taking your dear sweet time picking a pass in the penalty area when multiple opponents are in there trying to coax you into a blunder.

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