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The White Sox front office has been upgraded to DEFCON 2, after Guillen and Ken Williams nearly threw down during the MLB draft. The catalyst? The Sox waiting until the 22nd round to take Guillen's son.

It's not news that Ozzie and Ken don't get along. Ozzie and Ken hate each other. Have for some time now (WIlliams has been instructed not to travel with the team, to halve the number of possible run-ins with Guillen.) What's news is that Jerry Reinsdorf thinks this is a normal, healthy way of running a team, and that it'll all blow over once the Sox start winning.


It won't. Remember in Spring Training, when Oney Guillen was forced to resign from his job in the video department because he had been Tweeting trash about the team? Someone didn't learn not to mess with the Guillen brood.

Guillen watched [youngest son] Ozney slip to the 22nd round in the draft before the Sox selected him. Guillen then commented, ''I give my kid 50 grand just to go to school [at the University of South Florida rather than sign with the Sox]. I got 50 grand in my pocket to send my kid to go to Niketown or buy something.''

According to the source, that comment led to Williams questioning Guillen to his face, and the situation got heated.

I'm not going to pretend I understand what Ozzie's comment even meant, just like I'm not going to pretend I understand Ozzie. But yelling and punching are part of a universal language, and so is the completely unworkable situation on the South Side.

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